You Can’t Make This Up: Hillary Brags About Bill Clinton Not Using Twitter while POTUS

hillary clinton twitter

Is Hillary Clinton getting senile already or what? You know that saying, stupid is as stupid does, and the same goes for senility. And here’s today’s news story which pictures Hillary Clinton, America’s former first lady president, acting like a completely senile grandmother. Or, why not, like a white version of Auntie Maxine Waters.

The problem with grandmother Hillary is that she’s the leader of what can be best described as a crime-family, and that’s not my opinion but FBI’s former assistant director James Kallstrom. Also, Hillary is well known for marrying and supporting a serial rapist/sexual predator,and she has a history of putting the US in jeopardy, but let that go. Oh, I almost forgot, check out Arkancide.

Now, with all these things considered, the former future lady-POTUS tried to take a cheap shot at President Trump while she was giving a speech (I wonder if she made more than her husband Bubba when he delivered that precious speech to the Russians back in 2010) in Arkansas at a Clinton Foundation event.

So, on Saturday, Hillary took a swing at President Trump, as she said that her husband Bubba just took care of business while POTUS, claiming that Bill actually got policy done and he didn’t tweet about it. If you have the nerve, check out the video, it’s almost 2 hours long. There’s a little problem with that statement, i.e. there was no Twitter during Bill Clinton’s presidency. However, this basic factoid was lost on the audience, who applauded Hillary’s wit. A shorter version is here: