YouTube Censors Ron Paul’s Liberty Report Page

YouTube censors Ron Paul

Former presidential hopeful and libertarian extraordinaire  Ron Paul is the latest on the growing list of conservatives/right wing political activists/journalists/internet commentators who are being shadow-banned by YouTube and thus economically punished simply for expressing contrarian views to the current leftist dogma which seems to permeate Silicon Valley from top to bottom.

Despite constantly producing videos which are very well received by his followers, videos that are getting tens/hundreds of thousands of views on a regular basis, former congressman’s official page Liberty Report has been labeled by YouTube “not suitable” for all advertisers by the corporation’s content censors. The news was broke by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange via Twitter on Saturday.


According to Julian Assange, the “real” reason for which YouTube chose to economically censor Ron Paul’s Liberty Page is the latter’s criticism of the POTUS decision to bring more troops in Afghanistan. Ron Paul uploaded a video on YouTube last week on the subject, but the notion that YouTube wants to punish Ron Paul for attacking Trump, i.e. Google owned YouTube is now  pro-Trump is patently absurd.

Most probably, Ron Paul’s videos were reported/flagged by users and then YouTube’s moderators decided that the respective videos were not suited for a wide audience, hence the shadow-ban. Ron Paul, who is a very well spoken, civilized and mannered gentleman is not the only political commentator censored by YouTube, but the latest in a (probably much longer soon) list of internet-personalities which includes Tim Black and Paul Joseph Watson, who are both well known for their non-mainstream political views, which puts them at odds with the leftist/neo-liberal/progressive Silicon Valley dogma favored by the so-called tech-elite.

However, regardless of how far left the Silicon Valley companies are and how in-love with censorship, punishing a medical doctor and a former Congressman is a new low even for Google/Youtube’s campaign to stamp out dissent.