13 Year Old Japanese Teenager Participate In Cyber Crimes

13 Year Old Japanese Teenager Participate In Cyber Crimes

In the 21st century, it’s not a surprise that there is a dramatic increase in cyberspace crime. But could one imagine that teenagers would be involved in such activities? The issue is real, for Japanese authorities have discovered a 13-year-old teenager who participated in malware spreading, in order to earn more money.

Initially, the boy wanted to sell malware on social networks, but they do not provide money transfer options. So, the teenager decided to sell damaging malware on Mercari, a Japanese mobile marketplace

According to the Nara Prefectural cyber police unit, the teenager has sold malware to for other children, with their ages varying from 14 to 19. The technique which the young criminal used was sharing a link to a virus infected website, which attacked their mobile phones, both Android and iOS. The boys admitted buying the malware for 860-1500V from the Mercari mobile marketplace.

The whole issue stretches far back to March 2017 but was revealed only recently. The young cybercriminal was tracked down via online monitoring devices. The Japanese law on cybercrimes admits that the teen will not face any charges and will not be convicted.

The age from which teenagers take responsibility is 14 years and older. Concerning another teenager cybercrime case, a 14-year-old hacker was arrested in Japan. The teenager was arrested and charged with developing ransomware, designed to infect the PCs of unsuspecting users. The teenager stated that this was an easy way for him to earn some money.

Nevertheless, the Japanese computer prodigy should be credited for his abilities, skills, and knowledge. The process of creating a ransomware is, in fact, very complex and time-consuming. Teenagers should clearly understand that they may be convicted if they participate in such activities. Cybercrimes are serious crimes, for which you will certainly be punished. Think twice before beginning to develop malware.