A Hoax Website is Looking to Dupe Reddit Visitors and Steal their Personal Information

A Hoax Website is Looking to Dupe Reddit Visitors and Steal their Personal Information

There is a new website that has submerged that looks just like the Reddit site.  However, it is actually a look-alike that will steal your personal information.  Before you head over to your favorite Reddit website read below to make sure your information is safe.

The website is using the address “Reddit.co” https://www.reddit.co//  and was first discovered by a website researcher, Alex Muffett.  The site looks identical to the actual Reddit page. It is also able to calculate the accurate number of upvotes on the posts and pull the top stories, just like Reddit.com.

It appears that the real reason for this illegitimate site is to gather login information from Reddit’s visitors. When someone goes to the Reddit.co site and puts in their login information it is extracted.

If you are typing in the website name or letting your browser automatically fill in the title, there is only one letter that differs between the correct website and this fake one. Once there, you are unknowingly handing over your login information.

Muffett indicates that the website appears to be registered to a person in London. The IP address of the fake website, however, shows the owner could be based in Ukraine. Comodo issued the page’s certificate.

Muffett does not understand how this site was allowed to be registered and has tweeted about this issue.

The fake website, Reddit.co, is still an active running site.

Five years after https://www.reddit.com/  was born, the Reddit.co site was registered in July 2010, according to Gizmodo https://gizmodo.com/. The same URL was used for other sites, such as a flash games site and a porn website.