Advancement of Artificial Intelligence could Destabilize the World

Advancement of Artificial Intelligence could Destabilize the World

As UN research institute suggests, artificial intelligence is something that could turn us into working robots for AI.

The field of artificial intelligence is one of the many relatively new engineering fields that could turn around the way we look at the world and the way the world functions. It surely will have a huge impact on us in the future. According to the Guardian report, UN research institute says that machine intelligence and robotics could severely destabilize the world.

This scary warning is something that popped out recently in public by Centre for Artificial intelligence and Robotics in The Hague – one of the first world centers directed in developing artificial intelligence as well as coping with all the risks it carries with itself.

Artificial intelligence expert Irakli Beridze said that these kinds of developments can be associated with great risks for which public needs to be informed how to be addressed properly. This can cause serious instability in our simple daily tasks if societies decide not to adapt as fast as they really should. The positive side here is that recent studies in robotics and AI have brought engineering to a whole another level, revealing some wonderful and breathtaking discoveries.

But there needs to be some balance, and that means all the bad sides of artificial intelligence development become visible. This technology, as reports say, has brought up a lot of legal, ethical and societal concerns, for which it is known that some of them may be really dangerous and hazardous for the safety of humans. UN Office is reviewing all the possible problems every day, and they are working hard in predicting future AI problems.

War technology can become scary – as the autonomous robots can be developed, they also can be pre-programmed into being robot killers, so autonomous weapon systems can become reality and wars could be just in a technological way – without actual people being killed in the war zones.

China, Russia and the United States are in the constant race of developing artificial intelligence and bringing it to a whole new level, giving machines the capability to think on their own and make logical deductions that could solve many engineering, math, science problems after all, for all of which human mind was not capable to solve until today.

All the possible risks are nothing compared to what we could get from these mega smart machines. Artificial intelligence can change the way we look at everyday life. Biggest business, economy and knowledge institutes tend to have a research plan in the field of artificial intelligence. Some of them even want to start their own project for the goals of UN artificial intelligence development.

As it is mentioned 100 leaders, including billionaire Elon Musk, want to invest in the field of artificial intelligence and act against all the bad and lethal autonomous weapons development. It is mentioned that these weapons could be ‘the third revolution’ in the modern warfare. But time is the best judge and everything that we can do is wait and see in which direction these projects will go.