Aegis-Class Warship Blueprint Stolen By North Korean Hackers

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According to Kyung Dae-soo, a South Korean opposition lawmaker, the probability of North Korean hackers being behind the last cyber-attack to Daewoo’s Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering is absolutely 100 percent.

Ever since May 15, 2001, the plant of South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding is located in Koeje Island of South Kyongsang province, nearly 470 km southeast of Seoul.

The news site also reported another cyber-attack and managed to steal a large number of military documents earlier this month. According to another South Korean lawmaker, the protagonists behind this attack were also North Korean. According to British authorities, the WannaCry ransomware attack performed in May was also carried out by North Korean hackers.

Back this Tuesday a South Korean opposition lawmaker claimed North Korea had stolen South Korean warship blueprints after they had hacked into Daewoo’s shipbuilding database in April 2016.

Although many countries and international authorities have involved North Korea in various cyber-attacks, the isolationist country has denied or flat-out ignored the accusations regarding these cyber-attacks.

The news website Reuters managed to speak with Kyung Dae-soo of the Liberty Korea party, who told by phone to them “We are almost 100% certain that North Korean hackers were behind the hacking, and stole the company’s classified documents.”

Amongst the warships built by Daewoo, we can find submarines and Aegis-class warships. Kyung further added that North Korean hackers probably obtained the blueprints for these warships. How sensitive and classified the seized documents were was not known, however.

Kyung also added the hacking was discovered by the cybercrime division of the South Korea Ministry of Defense. Daewoo Shipbuilding is still in the process of confirming Kyung’s claims according to a spokeswoman for the company.

The reason for Kyung’s remarks was that according to the investigative team, the methods used for Daewoo Shipbuilding hacking was similar to other cyber-attacks performed by North Korean hackers. One particular antecedent is a recent cyber heist in Taiwan, where North Korean hackers are believed to be behind this crime, apparently, the hackers were targeting the global SWIFT messaging system.

A prominent South Korean lawmaker also claimed that North Korean hackers managed to stole South Korea-US wartime operational plans, as well as a large number of classified military documents. In addition to this cyber-attack performed on the South Korean military, British authorities believe North Koreans were also behind the WannaCry ransomware campaign back in May this year, which disrupted normal business and services from the government across the globe. The disruption generated by the WannaCry ransomware included the very important National Health Service in England.