AI Predicts Le Pen Victory in French Election

Le Pen

After using an AI (artificial intelligence) analysis, a fund manager claims that Marine Le Pen will be France’s next president. The analysis performed by HAL 9000 for SF aficionados shows that “populism” is back in a big way in Europe too, after Donald Trump won the US election, despite the mainstream media claims that such an endeavour would be impossible, thus proving to the whole world that the fight against the establishment is winnable.

However, just to get things straight, by populism we should refer to the opposite of globalism, something along the lines of individualism vs collectivism. The idea is that populism is not a bad word as the MSM would like you to think;  just for the record, it’s quite the opposite.

Getting back to our news story, according to the chief executive and chief investment officer at Leonie Hill Capital, Mr. Arun Kant respectively, we should expect the so called right-wing populist Marine Le Pen to prevail in the French election.

Leonie Hill Capital is a Singapore based investment company and Arun Kant used an artificial intelligence system for analyzing troves of data. Another thing to be set straight is the common “far right” meme, which describes France’s National Front Marine Le Pen. National Front is not a far right party as it’s described by the mainstream media.

Except for nationalism which is sometimes (wrongly) associated with the (far) right, Le Pen’s Front National is a (far left) socialist/communist party, which advocates planned economy,a progressive tax system, social justice and condemns liberalism vehemently.

According to Arun Kant analysis, Le Pen will basically walk over her opponents in the first electoral phase and later will steal the lead in the second ballot (the French electoral system in split into 2 phases).

In phase one, the 48 years old Marine Le Pen will confront the conservative former prime minister Francois Fillon, the socialist Benoit Hamon and an independent candidate, Emmanel Macron. The AI program predicts that Marine Le Pen will secure 28% of the vote in the 1st round, while the second round will be won easily with 52,7%.

Even if the betting market is currently crediting Le Pen with 30% chances of winning, let’s end with a quote from Tony Nash, the chief economist of Complete Intelligence:

“The day before the U.S. election, pollsters gave Trump a 1.6 percent chance of victory, so while I wouldn’t consider a Le Pen victory a baseline scenario, I wouldn’t count her out,”

Source: CNBC