Almost Every Citizen in the UK has been Hacked

Almost Every Citizen in the UK has been Hacked

The National Cyber Crime Unit’s, Oliver Gower has warned that WannaCry was not the last cyberattack on UK citizens.

Anyone who lives in the UK has probably already been hacked and had their personal information sold on the dark web. This information is according to the UK’s Chief Constable Peter Goodman who is also the National Police Chief’s Council lead for cybercrime.

He was speaking at a media briefing on the response of the government to hacks and data breaches. According to Goodman cybercrime was the fastest-growing and most complex crime the police had ever seen. He also urged companies who had suffered breaches and hacks to be transparent in their disclosure of the nature of the vulnerabilities.

Goodman stated that on three separate occasions he himself had fallen victim to hacking attacks. During the attacks, his name, date of birth, address and email were stolen before being made publically available.

Speaking to those in attendance he said that he could almost guarantee that every single person in the room had suffered a data breach. Adding that the personal details of those affected are currently held elsewhere in the dark web.

This data is being sold and traded he said. He also asked attendees whether they were happy that their details may have been leaked and whether they even knew about it. He said that the biggest problem was that internet users were often not informed when breaches occurred.

Goodman advised that there are websites available where users can see if their details have been leaked. He said that if users do not check for themselves they may never know. But, the response of police has been slow, despite the widespread nature of attacks on internet users he said.

Goodman called police investigations into cyber attacks, a patchwork quilt. He did, however, state that the UK was able to arrest several Russian actors who had committed these crimes. The head of the National Cyber Crime Unit, Oliver Gower said that Russian-speaking countries are blurring the lines between state-sponsored attacks and criminal ones.

He was also speaking at the briefing. Gower added that perpetrators from Russian-speaking nations were the number one threat of cybercrime in the UK. He then went on to explain how profitable cybercrime had become.

While explaining how new threats had been brought about by the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as connected devices, he called on device manufacturers to implement more measures to protect consumers. He also warned that further widespread attacks against the UK will likely continue. Gower said that WannaCry was not going to be the last attack to hit the UK. Adding that things are likely to get worse before they get better.