AndroRAT – Exactly What It Sounds Like

New Malware, Switcher Trojan, Targets Android Users and Wi-Fi Networks

A new form of Android malware spies and mines data. It has the ability to seize control of your device. Thereby giving it permission to take front-end photos of you. Record audio. Access photos and files, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Hackers sending this malware can afterwards access near all data on your device. First discovered in 2012, it was originally a university project. Its creation was out of the intent to remotely control an Android device. However, as with most things, criminals eventually twisted its usage.

What the professionals have to say

Trend Micro security researchers have discovered a new version. The new target is an exploit made public knowledge in 2016. For all those with older Android devices, their mobiles are at risk. While Google has recently patched the fault, that’s not to say all Android devices are in the blue. Ideally, devices that received an update after April 2016 will not be vulnerable. That goes for products launched beyond April 2016, also.

The smart move on the criminal’s parts? They have disguised the malware inside an app named ‘TrashCleaner’. An application that appeals to those who need to quickly clean their phone’s storage. Malicious activities, once installed, are all but unnoticeable. On its maiden activation, the app will install a calculator labelled in Chinese. Once installed, the malware is active in the background of the device. As with all Malware, your phone may begin to slow and feel clunky.

What can it do?

The list of its abilities are extensive: stealing GPS location, contacts, device details. WiFi passwords, recorded phone calls, keylogging. Sending and receiving SMS messages and using your cameras etc.

The researchers further warned that people should avoid third-party app stores. This will, in turn, aid them in minimising the risk to their device. Regular updates and choosing applications carefully can go a long way.