Andy Rubin to Make a Comeback with Essential, a New High-End Smartphone Maker

Andy Rubin to Make a Comeback with Essential, a New High-End Smartphone Maker

Andy Rubin, one of the key figures who helped create the Android mobile operating system, is set to stage a comeback in the industry by announcing the creation of a new high-end smartphone maker, Essential, reports indicate.

It has been established that earlier last year, Rubin registered Essential Products Inc in California. At a later date, the company registered the word, ‘Essential’ with the patent office and listed tablets, smartphones and accessories as some of its essential goods and services.

It appears that Essential will be focused on designing high-end consumer electronics devices. At the core of the strategy of the new company is a new smartphone that the company expects will effectively compete with the likes of the iPhone and other tier-one smartphones running on the Android operating system.

It has been established that Essential plans to develop a highly attractive smartphone that will, among other things, have access to constant hardware updates as a way of differentiating it from its main rivals.

It has also been reported that the yet-to-be-developed smartphone will have an edge-to-edge form of display, thus lacking the common bezel edges that all the leading smartphones currently on the market have. Using Bezel edges was one of the main features that made the iPhone distinctive at the time of its launch about a decade ago. Since then, all tier-one smartphones maintain this feature.

In the recently concluded Computer Electronics Show (CES), Rubin showcased the new phone and revealed how the phone is intended to serve as the flagship project of the new company.

It is also reported that Rubin overtures to leading careers about the new phone, in a move that many see as a way of showing how close to reality Essential is. Moreover, it has been reported that Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer that manufactures iPhones, has expressed interest in manufacturing the new Essential smartphone.

According to reports, the new Essential smartphone has a relatively larger screen than that of iPhone 7. Moreover, it is reported that Essential is working on a wide range of new features that will make the new phone revolutionary in performance and aesthetics.

The company is said to be working on a new form of connector that can help to charge the phone as well as improve its performance.

Apart from the smartphone, it is expected that Essential will develop a range of distinctive consumer electronics products to be used in a wide array of scenarios. Currently, the company is said to have about 40 employees, the majority of whom have been poached from Apple and Google.