Another Massive Tesla Project: #Teslacities are Coming

Another Massive Tesla Project #Teslacities are Coming

With new technologies being developed every day, including electric robotaxis, electric minibusses and trucks, gigafactories and battery price reductions, reusable rockets, hyperloops, amazing accelerations and tunnel-boring companies, you’d expect that there is nothing left for big-time companies to invent next. Well, if you think that, you’re wrong.

The newly developed situation shows us that Elon Musk and Tesla just can’t stop inventing stuff. This time, Musk has decided to take the cleantech approach to the next level, and apparently, that means building an entire cleantech city. The plan is to start with one, but if everything goes as planned, that could lead to hundreds more.

These #TeslaCities will, of course, have a few unique features:

First thing on the list of features – electricity. Every building in the city will have solar roofs. And in cases where that’s not enough, wind and solar farms are planned to be built nearby as well. Hydropower, geothermal power, and rainbow power could potentially be used as well, and what’s not being used will be stored away for later.

Those who decide to drive will have to own electric cars – Tesla or other if they want. Electric self-driving minibusses, subways and other electric traffic will also be enabled, and Musk also plans to make the city bikeable and walkable. There will be several land uses, including commercial, residential, governmental etc.

Industrial hubs are going to have to find some way to solve many of the critical human/societal challenges. Many details are still to be decided, including how the evaluation or even permitting of such uses is going to be implemented.

When it comes to deliveries, regular shippers like UPS or FedEx will only be able to deliver packages to central shipping hubs. From there to you, the delivery will be done by robots. This was decided in order to save money, but also to help in testing and developing better hardware and software for future use in other Tesla and SpaceX projects. It’s not yet known whether these #TeslaCities are going to use hyperloops or not.

Tesla will probably have no shortage of volunteers when it comes to populating their first TeslaCity, and early reservation holders are supposed to get priority delivery of Tesla’s soon-to-appear pickup truck if they decide to reserve one. A Tesla Powerwall 3 and a solar roof will be rewarded to some of those who enter a lottery. All you have to do is pay $47,000 to reserve a lot in the city, even though there’s still no known construction timeline published.

Several people have already reserved their lots, including Elon Musk, Kimbal Musk, and Steve Jurvetson. Many are also rumored to have put down a reservation, and these include Jon Favreau, Don Cheadle, Akon, Morgan Freeman, Robert Gaskill, Stephen Colbert, Oprah, Jaden Smith, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Anthony Kiedis and also Matt and Roger Pressman.

The first #TeslaCity is supposed to be built somewhere around Cambridge, England in honor of Douglas Addams, the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy.