Apple Creating Augmented Reality; Likely for Glasses


Apple is reportedly working on Augmented Reality technology that will eventually be used in smart glasses. According to the report, the technology will be first showcased in the iPhone but eventually make its way into the smart glasses.

Bloomberg, the source of the report, states that the project is being led by the CEO himself. The project has brought together many parties including experts from hardware and software departments to work on making it a reality. This level of ambition shows that Tim Cook is intent on bringing the technology to the people.

The focus of this approach to augmented reality is using the glasses to connect to the iPhone through Bluetooth. The user can then have items such as maps, points of interest, pictures and videos sent to their glasses. If one seeks the direction to the nearest Starbucks, for example, they will see a map of the area with turn by turn navigation.

It is expected that this will be a great addition to what Apple has done so far in wearable technology. Already, the firm has the best selling smart watch in the name of the Apple Watch. It recently added the AirPods line of wireless earphones which are selling like hotcake. Both of the wearables have Siri built into them. While the glasses may not have Siri, it will rely on working with the other wearables to create a wholesome experience.

Thinking Different

At the moment, virtual reality seems to be the focus of most tech giants like Google and HTC. However, the approach taken by Apple is away from virtual reality and towards augmented reality. Its CEO has been quoted saying that virtual reality will not make it that far as few people really find it useful. On the other hand, augmented reality has many uses in daily life. In a way, he is right since virtual reality is limited in its connections to actual reality. Augmented Reality can be combined with maps and other stuff without taking the user into a fake world.

As with the other wearables in the line, the heavy lifting will be done by the iPhone to reduce the load on the battery and processing power of the wearable. The weight of the glasses will be a factor to consider given that they will determine how favorable they are to the customers. Although the Apple Watch connects to the iPhone through Bluetooth and WiFi, any type of communication can be used in this case with Bluetooth being a favorite for its use of less battery.

What makes this a potent project is that the software and hardware parts of this new glasses can be easily ported over from the Apple Watch and the AirPods. The new glasses will need a new chip, new software such as dedicated apps and its own operating system.

It is, however, a risky venture given that Google failed with its own pair of glasses which were discontinued in 2015.