Apple hires ex-Google space execs to help with autonomous vehicle technology

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A new wave of speculation and expectations comes around every time when big companies include new employees, especially if those new employees are some big names. It’s the same with Apple Inc., which recently decided to hire several of the ex-Google workers. These are some well-known names, including the former head of Google’s spacecraft unit, John Fenwick, as well as Michael Trela, who used to be the head of engineering division for Google’s satellites.

Both of these executives are going to work under Greg Duffy, the founder of the company called Dropcam, which is responsible for the live streaming video monitoring cameras that have made it our homes and offices, and that also use the cloud tech in order to securely stream videos to Android and iOS applications.

For now, it’s not sure what roles will Trela and Fenwick get, but there are some speculations and guesses about what could be next for the company. Some believe that Apple might go for trying to deliver the Internet access to some of the more rural areas, mostly via satellites, which other companies like Facebook, SpaceX, and Google are known to be doing currently.

Even though this option is not impossible, it is highly unlikely that this will happen, since Apple doesn’t show much interest in projects like this. Also, it’s unlikely that they’d be able to generate significant sales by going for projects like this, and the web traffic would also be minimal.

What they do have is their audience, and the most likely plan for the company is to try and do the best with what they currently have, instead of pursuing a project of such questionable chance of success.

One of their existing projects that’s most likely to get some extra attention is the Apple Maps, that’s being used for their autonomous vehicle program. This program was only speculated about for years, with no official information coming from the company itself, until it’s recent publication. Now, that it’s out in the open and it’s getting the right kind of publicity, it’s far more probable that the company would want to try and refine their navigation system as well.

This would also make much more sense since Apple is very much interested in developing autonomous vehicle tech. These vehicles receive and transmit a lot of data, from orbiting satellites as well as all of the devices in their immediate surroundings. This is a relatively new concept, and it’s called Edge Computing. It involves greater power used for processing, especially at cloud endpoints. They mostly include IoT devices that can process more data, and are closer to where the data’s being collected.

This is speculated to be Apple’s current aim – achieving a way to allow its autonomous vehicles the ability of direct communication between cars, as well as making them more “intelligent” on an almost real-time basis.

This kind of communication is already getting its rules, that are being created by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

It’s very possible that Apple’s trying to develop a communication system that will be able to comply with such rules, but unfortunately, we can’t know anything for sure yet.