Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development by the CIA that Spy Your Online Activities


According to reliable sources, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is using several AI programs to monitor the inflow and outflow of information on the social media. The AI project is expected to access, retrieve, and gather intelligence on all information available on the social media.

The mindset of the spymasters at the Central Intelligence Agency is to use AI for information espionage by developing apps that have the ability to crack encryption, infiltrate social media platforms and database, and collate intelligence on users by analyzing chat records, calls, public records, and every post made on the internet.

Futurism, an internet based news agency, reported that Dawn Meyerriecks – CIA’s deputy director, tech dev. – said, in an address given at a summit on national security and Intelligence, that currently the CIA had approximately 137 Artificial Intelligence programs in its ‘In-Q-Tel’ project through partnerships and collaborative efforts with numerous Silicon Valley corporations.

Though it is still unclear what criteria and yardstick are being used to determine what and whose posts, videos, calls, and communications are to be monitored, reports have it that a sizable chunk of the information the CIA is collecting via its ‘In-Q-Tel’ project cuts across all interactive platforms on the internet. Taking this fact into cognizance, it becomes glaring that everyone who surfs the web is being spied on.

Acts of CIA’s internet espionage is not new; the CIA has in recent years developed a notorious reputation for doing this, but using AI to gather Internet-based intelligence means the CIA is expanding the scope. According to Joseph Gartin (CIA’s Kent school head), the speed and number of intelligence collated are on an unprecedented scale. Chris Hurst, Stabilitas’ chief operating officer summarized it by stating that, AI models human behavior in data gathering and analysis.

What this implies is that the CIA is using AI to forecast events based on intelligence collated on human reactions to contemporary happenings. With such trend based predictions, CIA analysts, using AI, can now automatically – on real-time basis – be tagged to posts and videos which they can analysis on the go.

In a statement credited to Dawn Meyerrieck, he is reported as saying that AI helps the Agency to make accurate projections on permutations rogue nations like North Korea. This boast by Meyerrieck reaffirms what the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s director Robert Cardillo said about the CIA’s ability to effectively uses AI in intelligence gathering and analysis. Cardillo was quoted by Futurism as stating that using AL to sift through satellite imagery collated over a long period reduces the workload on analysts by 75%.

It is also instructive to note at this juncture that the US is not in any way lagging behind other nations in the use of artificial intelligence in social media espionage. Actually, according to Meyerriecks, the US is steps ahead and is bent on staying ahead of every other nation.

Pundits and world leaders all agree that it is imperative to maintain dominance in AI usage for intelligence collation from the internet according to Vladimir Putin, whoever rules in artificial intelligence development, dominates the world.

As recent as August 2017, an expert in the field of AI Elon Musk tweeted via his twitter handle @elonmusk that the advent of artificial intelligence could swing either way as a blessing or curse to humanity.

What this portends for our liberty and privacy is better left in the realms of conjecture.