Beijing Set To Replace its 70,000 Gasoline Taxis with Electric Cars

Beijing Set To Replace its 70,000 Gasoline Taxis with Electric Cars

Authorities of the city of Beijing are set to replace all the 70,000 taxis operating in the city with innovative and more efficient electric cars, it has been reported.

The National Business Daily reports that the Beijing city authorities have issued an official notice to all the parties operating in the lucrative industry, signalling the urgency of the planned change.

The National Business Daily further reports that the planned changes are set to affect all the taxis operating in the city but have been scheduled to start with new cars as well as those that are getting replaced.

Under the new plans, all companies that operate in taxis in the city are now required to replace their worn-out cars with electric cars.

It has also been reported that new entrants to the market will be allowed to operate after the authorities are satisfied that the new players are using electric cars, in line with the new policies of the city authorities.

The new changes are set to affect taxi operators in the cities of Beijing, Hebei and Tianjin.

China has been experiencing fog episodes in the recent past. It has been reported that the episodes of bad weather that have been experienced in all the major cities of the country in the recent past are the motivating factors for the current changes.

Recently, authorities in the cities of Taiyuan and Shenzhen have approved similar changes. Taxi operators in these cities are now actively replacing their gasoline-powered cars with new electricity-powered ones.

It has been further reported that the new changes will cost the city about 1.3 USD. However, authorities believe that implementing the planned changes will turn out to be a good investment, given the amount of money that the city is losing as a result of bad weather arising from air pollution.

It is believed that air pollution is leading to massive losses in the form of health conditions among the city’s 20 million residents.

Incidents in which the authorities have asked residents to stay indoors as a result of fog have been repeatedly reported in the past.

It is expected that the change will play a critical role in taming runaway bad pollution in the city. Currently, Beijing is among the most air-polluted cities in the world, in league with London and others.

These changes come at a time when authorities in several other cities in Europe and other parts of the world are considering switching to the use of electric cars as taxis.