Bill Gates’ kids were forbidden from using cell phones until they were 14

Bill Gates' kids were forbidden from using cell phones until they were 14

If you’re a parent of a teenager or a slightly younger child, you’re probably perfectly aware of their habit of constant use of smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other device that can provide them with a connection to the internet. Some parents have such big problems when it comes to this, that they often regret the day when they bought that device in the first place.

It would seem that the richest man in the world and a former CEO of Microsoft has no such regrets. It turns out that Bill Gates was a pretty strict parent, and he made sure that his children had a different experience while growing up. He admitted in one of his interviews that he did whatever he could to limit his children’s exposure to anything with a screen.

“We often set a time after which there is no screen time and in their case that helps them get to sleep at a reasonable hour,” he said in the interview. And not only did they have a limited screen-time, but he didn’t even allow them to have smartphones until they turned at least 14 years of age. His children are currently in age from 14 to 20. Still, even after he allowed cell phones, the most important rule was that they can never be used during family dinners.

He recognizes the potential that the smartphones have, but realizes the dangers that come with it as well. Still, many people would have a hard time feeling sorry for his kids, since the children of the richest man in the world, that have also grown up in a $125 million house have probably had what to do, even if their father denied them the use of smartphones for the first 14 years of their lives.

On the other hand, what many are interested in is whether or not Gates’ kids were allowed access to Apple devices. Back in 2013, Melinda Gates caused quite a few headlines when she said that their kids only get Windows products, even though they’ve been asking for Apple devices several times already. When asked about it, Bill Gates stated that there’s no point in helping out their competition and that the family’s wealth came from Microsoft. He said a similar thing a few years before that when he stated that the children aren’t allowed to use iPods nor iPhones.

Many have agreed that this is a really brilliant parenting strategy, when you deny your children the use of a smartphone until they’re 14, and once they finally get one they’ll have a limited time when it comes to using it, Basically, they won’t even care what its brand is, as long as they can finally have something.

The same cannot be said for Melinda Gates who even admitted to being jealous of the iPhone owners.

Even Bill himself stated that he sometimes says that he wouldn’t mind having an iPhone, although many think that the Gates family’s doing fine as it is, even in their Appleless life.