Birmingham Woman Finds list of celebrity contacts in her new iPhone

Birmingham Woman Finds list of celebrity contacts in her new iPhone

A Birmingham woman has found an extensive list of contacts of A-list celebrities in her newly purchased iPhone. Sophie Highfield, 31, says that she bought the apparently new iPhone 5S back in 2014 from a local phone vendor called Three Mobile.

‘It was after some time that I discovered that the address book of my new phone is full of the contact details of some of the leading celebrities,’ she said.

At first, she said that she did not take it seriously but then was forced to look into the matter further when she discovered that there are many more contact details of people she did not know in her iPhone address book.

She says that when she tried to search for specific contacts to send a message to her acquaintances, she discovered that the phone address book had much more numbers of people she could recognise, such as Adele.

‘At first, I did not realise what was happening, but when I tried to get my phone contacts by typing specific letters, I started getting results of contact addresses of people that I could recognise but who I did not have their contact addresses,’ the woman further said.

She further said that some of the contacts that she found on her iPhone started with the UK country code of +44 while the others started with the US country code of +1.

Interestingly, Sophie says that she found some bizarre contact addresses in the address book of her iPhone, like one of a window cleaner and the other one that described a pest control person.

Also, the iPhone contains the contact addresses of some of the most prominent British media personalities like the production crew of some of the leading shows such as Loose Women and Britain Got More Talent. Celebrities such as presenters of leading shows such as those of Radio 1, Only Fools and Horses and other leading personalities such as the Spice Girl band member, Emma Bunton, are some of the people whose contact addresses were found on the iPhone.

It was immediately not established how this incident happened. However, Emma believes that the phone was preloaded by the contact addresses before it was shipped to the vendor’s store. Others believe that eth phone may not be new after all and that it must have been used by a person who works in the media and entertainment circles.

Still, others believe that it may be as a result of a technical fault in the manner in which the iCloud operates. Apple is yet to respond to the issue.