Bitcoin Price Jumping to $500K by 2020: John McAfee

Bitcoin Price Jumping to $500K by 2020

After the Bitcoin’s price turning quite bearish over the weekend, it is good to see it slowly bouncing back; but John McAfee has something bold to say about the price of a one Bitcoin by 2020.

John McAfee is quite tightly connected to Bitcoin, being a part of a major mining operation that makes a good amount of profit, as far as the public has been told. McAfee has never been the one to stay silent when asked about the possible future of the Bitcoin’s price, so when a person asked him via Twitter on his thoughts about the subject, McAfee made a bold statement.

He assured that BitCoin’s price will reach half a million dollars in the next three years!

This, however, could prove to be slightly challenging due to BitCoin’s current price being under $2,300 as of this moment. To reach this goal, the price would need to be multiplied by the factor of almost 217, and making that kind of a radical price movement seems practically impossible in the short term of three years as McAfee stated.

However, the amount of confidence John McAfee has when it comes to his statement is high. So high, in fact, that he made a sort of a promise if his statement is proven to be wrong. As written on his Twitter, John McAfee says, for the entire world to see and hold him accountable, that he “will eat his ***k on national television” in case the BitCoin’s price rise doesn’t happen.

No matter the promise, we are sure no one will actually make McAfee fulfill it once the three years of wait are over. Instead, we’ll see it as the amount of confidence John McAfee has in his predictions.

Similar bold statements when it comes to the possible future price of the BitCoin are something people are used to these days. Many self-proclaimed experts claim that we will soon see the price rise up to $5,000 in the near future, even though it seems so far away from us now. This is why not many people are willing to believe John McAfee’s statement about the rise up to $500,000 by 2020.

The realistic factor of the estimation cannot be determined by anyone or anything but time itself. So, in case you were willing to sell your house or belongings in order to buy as much BitCoin as possible and see their worth rise tremendously through the years, we would advise against it, at least for now. We trust John McAfee’s opinion, but still not enough.