Bizarre ‘Megaship’ Captured by Space Station Camera Before NASA ‘dims feed’ (VIDEO)

If you’ve thought you’ve seen them all, I bet you did not see this mega-space-ship captured live by NASA via its Space Station Camera.

Or at least that’s what some people are claiming to be after analyzing some bizarre footage aired via the International Space Station. I hate the term “conspiracy theory” as it was coined by the CIA for deriding folks questioning JFK’s assassination, but until we’ll invent a better term, the so called conspiracy theorists, you know, those guys wasting their lives watching NASA live feeds in search of extra-terrestrial life, well, the conspiracy theorists claim that what you’re about to see in the video below is an actual space craft, a huge one, cigar shaped and the whole nine yards, hovering majestically through space, not a care in the world, you know the drill.

I must confess that it’s pretty hard to think of something else watching these images, I mean it’s next to impossible to argue with the video and the music, which is nothing short of dramatic and mysterious and all that. If the video is genuine, and it must be as it’s a live feed from a reputable source and it wasn’t tempered with in any way, the long cigar shaped UFO can be observed hovering above the Earth’s horizon and you can see the stars disappearing as the UFO passes by.

There are also 2 bright reflective things/objects sitting just below the unidentified flying object which may very well be a super-secret military space program or the Alien Mother Ship or maybe Predator’s capsule, who knows?

The YouTube video was uploaded by Streetcap1 and according to his “testimony” after analyzing the video, he thinks that the folks working for NASA actually dimmed the video’s brightness a little  at the end trying to blur the anomalous object.

It’s interesting to observe how NASA only airs low resolution videos which can be later disregarded as “nothing to see here, move along, it was an optical illusion” etc, while they’re keeping the good HD stuff for themselves. I wonder why. Maybe it’s the Russians.