Bots to Start Making Deliveries in Virginia

Bots to Start Making Deliveries in Virginia

The state of Virginia has passed a legislation that will allow robot companies to start making small-sized deliveries using small bots within the city.

Details of the new legislation indicate that currently, Starship Technologies, a company that has been on the forefront in the field of developing revolutionary and highly useful robots, is set to start using its small robots to deliver anything from beer to groceries within the state.

Speaking about the recent developments, the Starship Technologies spokesperson, Henry Harris-Burland said that the company’s small ground vehicles are the solution to the problem that the industry has been grappling with for some time now.

‘The problem with aerial drones is that they end up polluting the air above us while the normal trucks that are currently in use mess up with the air,’ he said.

He further said that the small robots of Starship Technologies hold the potential of revolutionising how things are done right now, thanks to their smooth manner of operation.

The robots in question are small vehicles that look like giant beetles when on the move.

Small amounts of goods can be stuffed inside and an operator can successfully guide the small robot to move along the alleys and sidewalks up to its designated location.

Amazon has been working on a complex system that can be used to make aerial drone deliveries.

In the recent past, the company has run various tests in the UK and some cities within the UK. However, the use of aerial drones to make deliveries seems still subject to regulatory approval, given the sophisticated nature of the technology.

However, going by the recent developments, it appears that some states are intent on adopting a similar legislation. Authorities in the states of Florida and Idaho have been working on adopting a similar legislation. If this happens soon, it will open the door for the introduction of the little Starship Technologies’ robots.

However, some observers have pointed out that there are still some issues regarding the manner in which the small robots operate that are yet to be resolved. Of great concern is the risk of the operator of the robots to play pranks on particular individuals in the course of making the delivery. Although the small robots are autonomous, it is still possible for an operator to manipulate them inappropriately and with malicious intent.