Bug in Microsoft Browsers Could be Used to Hijack Your PC, Google Experts Claim

Bug in Microsoft Browsers Could be Used to Hijack Your PC, Google Experts Claim

Researchers from Google have gone public with the news that the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system has a dangerous bug. This bug could be used as a backdoor by hackers to take control of your computer. We know what hackers can do to your data once they have control of your device. This means that the bug is very risky to users.

The Google experts claim that the bug was found to lurk in the native Windows browsers namely Internet Explorer 11 and the new Edge Browser. They found it back in November of last year but only informed Microsoft to fix it. Given that the bug carries with it a high level of risk, they gave Microsoft 90 days to fix it or they go public. After the lapse of the 90 days, they went public.

Leading the researchers from Google is Ivan Fratric. Although he only called it a bug, he did not reveal any details about the risk for fear of informing hackers of its details. Given the level of risk of the bug, revealing its details will put even more people at risk of being hacked. Millions of people have already upgraded to Windows 10 and use the Edge Browser and Internet Explorer 11. The bug, therefore, carries a heavy risk.

So far, no computer has been reportedly hacked using this bug as the entry. Without details from the google researchers, it is less likely that anyone else will be able to find it and exploit it. Ivan did not state when he will reveal the details of this bug. Microsoft, however, has not said anything as far as fixing it goes. This makes it even more dangerous should it land in the wrong hands.

The only statement from Microsoft has been that it is holding talks with Google about the bug. It aims to ask google to extend the deadline beyond the 90 days while it tries to find a way of fixing it. With no promise from Google as to the extension of the deadline, it remains a situation to wait and see. The spokesperson from Microsoft has stated that the firm has firm measures in place to ensure customers are safe even with such threats. At the moment, the firm is aiming to have the bug fixed as soon as it can.

Another look at it is the likelihood that the revelation of the big by Google will fuel the rivalry between it and Microsoft. The two tech giants have grown so much similar to one another that they now compete head to head on many fronts. They are both in the search business, have mobile, tablet and desktop operating systems and have maps too. A vulnerability in one firm would definitely give the other a vote of confidence from customers. Also, both firms have bug bounty hunting programs where their users hunt for security flaws and get paid for that.