Cellebrite Can Hack almost all Smartphones in the World

Cellebrite Can Hack almost all Smartphones in the World

It has now been confirmed that Cellebrite, the renowned Israeli digital forensics firm, can hack almost any type of smartphone in the world in a matter of minutes. A leaked report about the capabilities of the software indicates that the company has been steadily investing in building proprietary software that it can use to effectively access all the data in smartphones in a matter of minutes.

But of great interest is the manner in which Cellebrite can use its software to crack the security features of the famed iPhone successfully. According to the report, Cellebrite is capable of successfully bypassing all the security features that Apple places on the iPhone and access all the current and deleted data on the phone.

This revelation is likely to be a shocker to observers and many users of the iPhone. Since its inception, the iPhone has been touted as one of the most secure devices. Apple focused on ensuring that users can successfully protect the data that they keep on their iPhones.

With advanced security features and encryption systems, the iPhone has been regarded as the most secure smartphone by many people for a long time. However, it has now emerged that Cellebrite can access even deleted files on an iPhone.

Moreover, it seems that Cellebrite can successfully retrieve a large amount of data from nearly any smartphone in the world, using its hacking capabilities. An example of the capabilities of the firm was demonstrated in the form of a detailed report about data that was obtained from an unnamed source.

The data included detailed descriptions of all the activities that the smartphone had been used to do, including all present and deleted call logs, messages and media files.

The hacking report also contained detailed descriptions of the movements of the phone in the form of graphical timestamps imposed on a digitally-generated map.

However, Cellebrite has continuously stated that it is yet to develop the capability to hack iPhone 4S and other new versions of the iPhone. Apple has been seeking to make its new models of the iPhone more secure by developing new passcodes and investing in high-end processors.

For now, it appears that the investment of Apple in the security of the new versions of the iPhone is paying off, with a leading phone-hacking firm like Cellebrite confessing that it is yet to crack the new releases of the iPhone successfully.