Chinese Army of Robots Slaves Revealed

An incredible video surfaced on the internet showing a huge army of “slave” robots which work frantically  sorting over two hundred thousand packages a day! These self charging tiny machines can work non stop for eight hours with 100% efficiency and they can get through twenty thousand parcels every hour. After 8 hours, all they’ll require is a fast charging and they’ll be ready to go again for another relentless 8 hours.

If China’s trump card until now was its dirt cheap workforce, the future looks grim for a country which boasts its over 1.3 billion population. As increasingly more jobs are taken over by robots and AI, it seems highly plausible that the future doesn’t need us, chickens. Err, humans. Watch out!

These miniature robots are just 7.5 inches tall yet they’re smart enough to do a human’s job, i.e. to set up a route and to transport packages from an assembly line to the departure gate, from which they’re further dispatched all around the world or whatever.

Also, the robots are basically flawless, as in they never make mistakes during their 8 hours non-stop activity. In this regard, they’re way better than humans. These high tech warriors started working last November at the STO Express building which is located in China’s Shandong Province, Liny.

The 300 robots army is capable of processing 20,000 parcels per hour and according to the company’s CEO, this tiny number of robots saved a company which boasts a huge 300,000 human employees. But probably not for long.

According to the tech specs, these robots are almost twice as efficient as humans, as in more productive, and what’s equally important, they never make mistakes, nor get stressed under high work loads/pressure etc. The robots are  developed by a Chinese company, HIKVISION respectively and they definitely provide us with a glimpse of the brave new world which is just around the corner.

Foxconn, another Chinese/Taiwanese tech giant which builds the iPhones and MacBooks we all know and love already replaced 60,000 workers with robots in 2016 and according to estimates, robots will practically destroy the workplace/workforce as we know it today.