Chinese ‘click farm’ of 10,000 Smartphones That Give FAKE ‘likes’

chinese click farm

In one of the most bizarre revelations so far about “fake news” and internet, we just got word that many personal/official pages on social media sites like Facebook are not as popular as one may think judging from the number of likes.

The thing is, you can purchase fake-likes from Chinese contractors, which are able to make social media websites more popular by giving them fake likes using thousands of smartphones.The system is called “click farm” and you can check out the video for clarifications about the “know how”:

The footage above presents a huge 10,000 smartphones click farm in China that offers fake product ratings and phony Facebook likes among other things. According to various reports, companies are paying thousands of dollars to get more likes for their apps by using the click-farm services.

The YouTube video shows ten thousand smartphones interconnected in rows making for a huge like-giving machine, all wired to various other devices from inside the factory. This type of digital manipulation is common place in countries like Russia and China with their influence being felt world-wide.  This model of business is also used by politicos for the up/down-ticking of favorable/unfavorable online comments on their political opponents and the like. The possibilities are endless.

Yet in the larger picture and in the ideal world, a normal person who is not obsessed with  social media couldn’t care less about likes and dislikes, as he/she is busy living their life in the real world. But we’re pretty far gone down the digital rabbit hole now and as far as I know, this has been going on for years. Buying fake likes that is.