Connecticut Car Dealers Oppose Tesla’s Attempts to Start Direct Car Sales in Connecticut

Connecticut Car Dealers Oppose Tesla’s Attempts to Start Direct Car Sales in Connecticut

Car dealers in Connecticut are putting up a spirited fight against Tesla’s plans of starting to sell its cars directly to the consumer in the state. In what is largely seen as a concerted effort to protect their turf, the dealers, under the auspices of Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association (CARA), are now running a series of publicity and legal campaigns to oppose the possible entry of Tesla into the state.

Tesla makes and sales new types of electric cars. The company has been locked in endless tussles with car dealers, thanks to its focus on replacing the dealership model with a new model under which it sells its cars to directly to its customers.

CARA has been fighting against the possible entry of Tesla in Connecticut for long, arguing that the company may disrupt the business model of small car dealerships in the state is it bypasses car dealers and sells to customers directly.

And in what many interpreted as a ridiculous attempt to win the battle against Tesla, CARA operatives have launched a comical website on which they outline alleged crashes involving Tesla cars. The propaganda website, titled,, was created by Jim Fleming, the president of CARA.

In a recent interview, Jim Fleming said that Tesla is a large company with a considerable level of influence.

‘They (Tesla) are a large company and their CEO sits on the special presidential advisory committee and this means that they have a lot of influence in Washington,’ he said, referring to Elon Musk’s association with the current Trump administration.

In the recent past, Tesla has been trying to influence the Connecticut state government to adopt legislation that will allow it to sell its cars to customers directly.

Three years ago, the company lobbied for the introduction of a legislation that would repeal the existing laws that bar it from selling to its customers directly.

However, it appeared that CARA and other Tesla competitors had a stronger influence over the state government as it successfully lobbied against the proposed legislation.

In an interesting twist of events, CARA has claimed that Tesla is now selling its cars in Connecticut illegally. The association is referring to the exhibition stores that Tesla uses to showcase its new models to its customers in the state.

Tesla has said that it only uses the stores to showcase its products before directing them to its website.