Disney Unveils New Technology that Wirelessly Charge Mobile Devices

Disney Unveils New Technology that Wirelessly Charge Mobile Devices

Disney has unveiled a new technology that it says can be used to charge mobile devices without the need for power cables; it has been reported.

According to reports, Disney has unveiled the yet-to-be commercialised technology which it says can revolutionise the manner in which individuals use and charge their mobile phones by eliminating the need for power cables.

Currently, battery drain remains the central problem that individuals face when using smartphones. However, if the new technology is commercialised, individuals will not have to worry about the battery charge of their smartphones since they will be able to charge their phones immediately they enter into a room that has the new Disney-designed technology installed.

In a detailed research paper, the company says that at this stage, the new technology relies on specially-built facilities. The recent demonstration of how the technology works featured a specially-built room with a central metallic pole that serves as the nerve centre of the ubiquitous and cordless power supply system.

Embedded in the central pole are a series of specially-built capacitors to regulate the flow of charge in the room.

Using this special type of infrastructure, the new technology has been shown to disseminate about 1900 watts of power in a room.

The power that the new technology disseminates can be used to charge multiple mobile devices. All that a person has to do is walk into the specially-designed-and-built room and the device the person will be carrying gets charged immediately.

However, Disney has been quick to point out that its recent innovation is still at the research stage.

‘We are still working on how to refine this new technology, given that that there are many issues we need to address before we commercialise it,’ the company said.

One of the major issues of concern regarding the new technology is how the technology can be safely used within a home environment.

Currently, users have to stay away from the central pole to avoid getting harmed by the current.

Disney says that during its demonstrations, users have to keep off the pole by about 150cm.

However, the company indicates that it is working on various possible technologies that can be used to make the technology totally safe for use within a home and avoid the necessity of people keeping off the pole.

It is clear that this technology is far from being commercial-ready, however, its potential cannot be ignored.