Dutch Surgeons Use Robot in Sophisticated Microsurgery

Dutch Surgeons Use Robot in Sophisticated Microsurgery

Surgeons recently utilized robotic technology to perform a delicate surgery with more precision.

Dutch surgeons recently used a robot to perform a microsurgery that treats lymphedema. Using a robot allowed the surgeons to utilize certain precision-enhancing mechanisms needed for optimal results.

The microsurgery was conducted on small lymph and blood vessels. Surgeons used root hands which served as an assistant controlled by motion. In doing so, the robot hands enabled surgeons more control and ensured precise and tremor-free movement.

Lymphedema is a threatening condition which often results due to breast cancer treatments. The treatments have been known to disrupt the flow of lymphatic fluid which leads to a build-up of fluid which causes pain and swelling in the patient.

The treatment for this condition requires an extremely delicate microsurgery where surgeons have to connect lymphatic vessels to blood vessels in order to restore the flow of lymphatic fluids/ The procedure requires an extremely high level of precision which many surgeons are often incapable of.

Surgeons from Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (UMC+) recently utilized robotic technology, more specifically, “robot hands” to alleviate imprecise human movements. The robot hands, developed by Microsure, successfully sutured vessels ranging in size from 0.3 to 0.8mm in the arm of the patient.

The patient is currently recuperating as expected, and no complications developed during the surgery or recovery.

According to a surgeon at UMC+, Shan Shan Qiu Shoa, the robotic arms from Microsure, enabled the team of surgeons to operate on the very tiny lymph and blood vessels with greater ease, while also giving the procedure greater results. The improved convenience of the procedure is likely to make it a more readily procedure which will put surgeons and patients alike at ease.

CTO of Microsure, Raimondo Cau, stated that the Microsure team’s next step will be to use the robot for other microsurgeries that also require precise movements. Up until now, many of the procedures were considered extremely difficult, if not impossible for the human hand. According to Cau, this technology has the power to revolutionize surgeries as complex procedures will become more widely available to patients worldwide.