Elon Musk Claims That 100 Tesla Gigafactories Could Power The World

Elon Musk Claims That 100 Tesla Gigafactories Could Power The World

As many already know, the Tesla Gigafactory has taken a special interest in lithium ion batteries that are currently used for supporting their vehicles. They provide relatively low-cost batteries that use alternative energy sources. In a recent video, the company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk has said that, according to some calculations, about 100 of these Gigafactories would be perfectly capable of powering the entire world with sustainable energy.

One of Musk’s recent guests was the famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, who met with Musk last year and took a tour of the Gigafactory, all the while discussing the renewable energy and its general future. DiCaprio is a known supporter of alternative energy and has often entered discussions about this and also climate change. He even used his Oscar acceptance speech to remind the world that this is still a problem and that it’s not going away.

Gigafactory has many goals that they’re planning on reaching soon, and the main one is reaching and maintaining net zero energy. As a proven leader when it comes to innovation and technologic advances, they’ve claimed that by 2018 they expect to start producing more of their lithium-ion batteries per year in the Gigafactory than they managed to make in their facilities worldwide during 2013. Another of their aims also includes reducing the battery prices and finally producing cheap usable energy.

The factory has left quite an impression on the actor, especially the demonstrated efficiency of the system.

During the tour, Musk has said that “the sun doesn’t shine all the time, so you’ve got to store it in a battery.” He believes that we could completely avoid building electricity power plants if we started using alternative and renewable energy sources. When thinking about the alternative energy, the picture that comes to mind in most people’s head includes the old, outdated solar panels that lacked efficiency, and basically big costs and little positive results. And, while this was true once, the alternative energy tech has some a long way since then, and it’s a lot more than that these days.

Since the climate change is no more just a theory but already a reality, we can’t wait anymore. Doing something about the problems that we’re facing and also the ones that we’re going to face has become crucial. If we decided to use fossil fuels for another decade, at this rate, we’re definitely going to feel the effects, or better yet, the consequences.

Solar cells have come a long way, and are more efficient than ever. Researchers were even inspired by photosynthesis to combine biology and quantum physics in order to improve our tech’s solar capabilities. They don’t even have to capture the solar energy anymore since scientists have developed a synthetic leaf that does that instead, and all that while converting carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide.

Alternative energy is our future, and there’s no doubt about it. It’s widely believed that we cannot progress without it, and luckily, it’s becoming more and more powerful and relevant with every passing day. Many believe that this Gigafactory is one of the steps that will lead us to the better, healthier future and that alternative energy is definitely the right way to go.