Evidence of Russian Sponsored Hacking of Elections in 39 American States Uncovered

Hacker Breaches Russia's Visa Centre in the US, Exposes Data

New evidence has emerged of Russian interference in the American elections, feelers from thirty-nine states indicated signs of invasion by Russian hackers after assessing the election of 2016; this is according to a report by Bloomberg.

It was also reported that the invaders even gained entry to the voter role of some states thereby negatively affecting the records of about ninety thousand electorates. It is however not yet clear how much awareness the authorities have of this development.

U.S. Senator Mark Warner was quoted as saying that full extent of the involvement of Russia has not been known. According to him, the extent of the interference may actually be larger than thought.

The main focus here appears to be the state of Illinois, which was breached according to reports from Bloomberg in 2016, it was said that the same evidence found in Illinois were found in the other 37 states, that is including states like California and Florida. It should, however, be noted that these signature evidences do not necessarily confirm that the elections were breached but it does show that efforts were indeed made to influence the elections.

The proof is still yet to be found that the invaders influenced the vote counts or even the outcome in any state. The attackers only managed to influence the databases of the voters, which may, in theory, be influenced to delete registration.

Russia has recently come under heavy fire for its perceived incessant interference in world affairs. Situations such as the hacking of Ukraine’s power structure a few years and even more recently the remote manipulation of American elections does not help people’s confidence level in them.

However the compromise cited by Bloomberg only affects state databases rather than that of the whole Nation which is used by Voter points, also the distributed nature of the United States also may have hindered them from succeeding even further. There is also no evidence that the voting equipment was breached.

Yet, any breach that can be linked to the elections is enough to cause some scare, and a lot of people expressed this to Bloomberg saying that the morals of the invasion ought to be implemented to avert a future reoccurrence.

This news comes after an NSA report was compromised, this report contained details of attacks carried out by a voter contractor in the state of Florida, this was also accompanied by a number of non-present online services. The supposed origin of the information was an NSA contractor named Winner Leigh reality.

It, therefore, suffices to say that America needs to double efforts at counter-terrorism, especially cyber-related terror attacks even as Nations like Russia intensify efforts to breach the sovereignty of the world hitherto impregnable world super power.