Facebook Data Is Available on the Dark Web for Just $5.20

Dark Web

The data comes up after the recent Facebook data breach scandal which has seen many people delete their Facebook accounts. Other login information including that of Google and Uber is also being sold.

Facebook has been facing a tough week after revelations of how they gave data of 50 million users out. The massive data breach scandal shocked many and the fallout continues. Unfortunately, hackers have pounced on the incident and they got hold of the data. Now the data has been made available on the Dark Web, and it is going for a very low price.

Many users were livid after the Facebook saga, but the issue that the data is available on the Dark Web just rubs salt on the wound. Besides that, the fact that the data is being sold for a measly $5,20 is also disheartening. Important information such as Social security number and drivers license information is being made available for the smallest of prices.

The Dark Web

One report done by Fractl indicated that the Dark Web does not necessarily value people’s privacy. Fractl, a content marketing firm which helps in assessment of fraud listings, showed how they discovered listings on Dram and the Wall street market. They also discovered another listing on the Point Dark Web market. In their report, the firm indicated that the listings they saw showed the names of the people together with their billing address. The mother’s maiden name, date of birth and social security number was also available. Other related personal information was there too.

The Dark Web can only be accessed through nefarious ways and specific software. After buying the Facebook credentials for $5.20, the cyber attackers can use the information to perform further criminal activities. Fractl also discovered that PayPal accounts with some balances were also available on the market. However, these were going for a much higher $247 on average. So in all, anyone’s personal details could easily be bought up for below $1,200 without their knowledge.

Gmail information for $1

Other information which was available on the market included login identification information for sites such as GrubHub and Airbnb. The accounts were going for $9 and $8 respectively, and they could be used to order food or rent a lodge on someone’s behalf unknowingly. Uber and Gmail credentials were also available for $7 and $1 respectively.

Many experts believe that when one gets login information to sites such as Facebook they also get access to many third-party apps. On these apps, they can then take any data they want unbeknownst to the user. Apps such as Spotify, Airbnb and even FarmVille can all be accessed from the Facebook accounts of many users.

Facebook tried to address the issue of the Cambridge Analytica saga by notifying affected users to take caution. The company has also been trying to address the issue of selling private information to third-party users with varying success. However, pertaining to the Dark Web market, they might not have a solution on hand.

Users are urged to implement security features on their accounts to prevent being made victims. Features such as two-factor authentication are very good in such cases. Signing up for security alerts could also be of paramount value as they help to keep track of everything.