Facebook Will Soon Ask for Your Nude Photos (VIDEO)

facebook revenge porn

This is not a joke unfortunately, but Facebook’s rather perverted reaction to the revenge porn pandemic. Basically, the world’s largest social media company now wants you, the end user, to send them your nude photos. And if you’re asking yourself why on Earth you should do such a strange thing, well, it’s not that Mark Zuckerberg is some sort of a sick and twisted pervert, no way. The whole deal is about Facebook testing their latest and greatest anti-revenge porn technology.

It seems like revenge porn is a big deal in Australia, where 20% of women aged between 18 and 45 are victims to this societal epidemic. Things are even worse for Aussie males, as 25% fall victims to hidden cameras whilst performing, well, I don’t know how Australians call it, fornication maybe?

Hence, Facebook started a pilot program in Kangaroo land, testing their anti revenge porn technology on the British Empire’s former penal colony before releasing it upon the whole wide world. If it works in Australia, it must work everywhere, rite?

The theory says that if you send your nude pictures to Mark Zuckerberg’s secret vault now, when your significant other will try and post your (presumably consensually taken at that point ) butt-naked photos on Facebook following a horrible breakup of sorts, Facebook’s uber smart AI (with a little help maybe from your super friendly customer service from Pakistan) will recognize the respective picture’s digital fingerprint (there’s a lot of tech blabber), and voila, there goes revenge porn, as the photo will refuse to get uploaded on their platform.

If you think this is stupid, well, maybe you’re right. All you have to do to bypass that “super duper” technology is to upload the picture on another website and put the link on Facebook. Or, to alter a bit the respective picture via Photoshop or whatever thus modifying its digital fingerprint.

And yes, of course, Mark Zuckerberg will not store your naughty pictures on his favorite server, no way.

Another thing to contemplate is that , as per the Terms of Service, Facebook has “non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license” rights to your picturesSo, maybe you’ll become a star on X Hamster some day without even knowing it.

Solution? Don’t be stupid and take nude photos. Problem solved.