Facezam App Allows You to Find Total Strangers on Facebook By Taking Their Picture

The world is becoming less private and more creepy by the minute and today’s tech news is about the latest app which uses face recognition software, thus allowing you to take a picture of a total stranger on the street and identify his/hers Facebook profile in a jiffy.

Just like the very popular Shazam app which helps you with discovering the name of a musical track using your smartphone’s microphone, Facezam will identify your “crush” Facebook profile almost instantly, if you can provide it with a clear enough picture.

I bet that stalkers from all around the world are cheering already. Ok, maybe I am over reacting, but with this app we’re basically making the next step in a world where privacy is just a thing of the past.

And yes, we had it coming for a long time now, as law enforcement is already using this technology for more than a decade (together with Google and Facebook by the way), but now smartphones are powerful enough to handle it on the go, not to mention Facebook’s database which is getting increasingly exhaustive and creepy.

Basically, Facebook knows everything about you, including your name, your face, your address, how much money you make, what you read, buy, listen to, about your habits etc.

Getting back to Facezam, the app is the brain child of a British developer and as I already told you, it can identify people on the street by comparing their photo taken by the app’s user to their Facebook profile. Jack  Kenyon, the founder of Facezam admitted this much:

“Facezam could be the end of our anonymous societies. Users will be able to identify anyone within a matter of seconds, which means privacy will no longer exist in public society.”

The app will launch on March 21 on iOS initially and according to its developers, it will take 10 seconds tops to match a photo with a Facebook profile with 70% accuracy.

Facebook may delay its launching date though, as it claims the app violates the social network’s privacy policies:

“This activity violates our terms and we’re reaching out to the developer to ensure they bring their app into compliance,”

Source: Facezam