First Firm to Put Microchips in Employees Tells All

First Firm to Put Microchips in Employees Tells All

If you’ve ever read a futuristic novel in your life, your biggest dreams (or worst fears) are about to come true: a Wisconsin based firm under the name of Three Square Markets announced that they will be implanting microchips into their employees.

The company which designs break room market’s software stated in a press release that they plan to put Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip between the thumb and pointing finger of its employees.

This action has made Three Square Market the first firm to do this kind of thing in the United States. The CEO of the firm Todd Westby assured that the microchip to be installed under the skin will not pose any concerns to the employees.

As the press release said, employees will be able to do many things with the chip being installed. They will be able to easily log-in to computers, pay with their credit cards, buy food from a break room micro market kiosk, operate copy machine and even open doors, all thanks to the microchip.

Westby also stated that the company expects this type of technology to spread onto other work fields and even everyday life. He sees the microchip being used as passport and public transit in the future, with the dimensions of a single grain of rice!

The reported cost of the chip is $300 each, and the company stated that it will be bearing all the expense. it has also been said that the implementation will be optional and it would start from 1st August. the way the employees will use the chip is by holding up their hand and purchase will be made.

This method is similar to the way people use their phone to pay. The technology used is near-field communication technology (NFC) that will make the electromagnetic device acquire information held in external objects and devices. The so-called good thing about the chip is that all the data on it will be encrypted and no GPS tracking will be carried out.

Even though this is only the first firm to implement such a technology, we might see similar cases in other firms happening soon, too.

As far as we know by now, Three Square Market will be installing over 50 microchips into their employees. The decision has been described as the next evolution when it comes to paying.

All the way back in 2015, the IT security company Kaspersky micro chipped a volunteer’s hand live in front of the audience and demonstrated that how a RFID chip can be inserted into humans, filling a gap between humans and computers.