Floating Solar Power Technology that will Save Mankind from Sinking

Floating Solar Power Technology that will Save Mankind from Sinking

With global warming increasingly becoming an issue of international debate and countries like China intensifying efforts towards securing our planet from self-destruction. A timely intervention has been created in the Chinese city of Huainan located within the province of Anhui in the mould of the world’s largest known floating photovoltaic station. Already completed and connected to the power supply network within the locality. This technology promises to revolutionize power generation and distribution as we know it.

This facility is reputed to have an output capacity of 40 megawatts of electricity which is quite impressive for a photovoltaic power generation technology. It is designed and built by Sungrow Power Supply Co, situated atop a flood overrun abandoned coal mine area.

This technology stands out shoulder high above others mainly due to quite a few reasons amongst which are the fact that it helps free up the ever under pressure land resources in China. The floating technology is indeed a masterpiece innovation that may certainly be adopted by other regions of China and indeed the world over. It must also be noted that the fact that it floats on water helps reduce the rate of water loss by evaporation thereby conserving the available water resources. Also, the lower temperature of the air within the surface helps reduce the inherent danger associated with cell performance atrophy that can be linked directly to prolonged exposure to higher temperatures.

This technology is a trailblazer in solar power generation coming around in and around China. Back in the year, 2016 China came up with a 20 megawatts plant that floats within the same location. It should also be noted that China plays host to the expansive 10 square miles Longyangxia Dam Solar Park which is a land-based facility reputed to be the biggest solar source energy facility in the world.

The increasing clamor and venture into solar power energy sources are mainly due to the fact that it is becoming even less expensive and within reach with price reduction projections of about a third of the current cost off on or before the year 2020. it is even been projected that this plants have the potential to put coal powered plants out of business In the long run and also in the next few years be a real competitor to same. This coupled with the fact that the Chinese government is projecting to upscale its use of ecologically friendly energy sources to about 20 percent makes this technology the future.

By the evidence of data gotten from reputable sources as NASA, the year 2016 was declared the hottest year on record, bringing about the successive break same record for the third time in a row. With effects of this warming becoming increasingly evidential around us as indicated by increasing water levels, erratic rainfalls, droughts and other ecological disasters becoming a regular phenomenon the promotion and adoption of initiatives like this should as a matter of urgency be implemented by other countries around the world and just maybe we may end up saving this planet for generations not yet born.