Futuristic Cars Won’t Only Drive Themselves, But They’ll Also Feel Different

Futuristic Cars Won't Only Drive Themselves, But They'll Also Feel Different

Many of the materials that we still use for cars today are the same ones that were used in the first cars, back when they were first invented. Things like metal, wood, cloth, and leather are still being used because they give us the sense of luxury. Of course, modern cars also have materials that symbolize the modern age, like fiberglass, vinyl, Wood grain veneer, and velour, and even some injected plastic.

With every year, our cars advance on the outside, but their insides advance as well. Even if they’re slow to change, they’re still adapting to the new technologies, even with their inside looks. Soon enough, the inside of the car won’t look at all like the one our parents and grandparents used to see. Instead, they’ll look and feel completely different.

The new materials have shown their potential recently, including carbon fibers, piano black lacquer, fake carbon fibers, as well as fake piano black lacquer, translucent acrylics, and so on. On the other hands, the old materials have gotten a new purpose. Wood is used for showing off its natural grain, while the metals like magnesium and aluminum are used to give us texture. The leather is processed to expose different layers of color and more. This all looks nice, but its primary purpose is to help us get used to the new, modern, technologies.

Brett Boydell, the head of Bently’s interior design, has recently commented on the car concept for the new EXP12 Speed 6e electronic sports car. He mentioned the old-fashioned materials and said that they were used in a way that reflects the specific of the new, electronic cars. Even the sound of a gas engine can be heard when the car itself starts silently. The point of the design is to reveal the tech when the driver wants it.

Of course, the consumers still have their concerns. For example, vegans wish to get substitutes for the leather, and there are also renewable woods that are being used, something fast-growing like a banana leaf, or bamboo.

The Lucid Motors’ design director, Derek Jenkins, has said that the biggest issue is finding the substitutes that are worthy of the traditional materials, and even making them more appealing.

Many of the users like the new approach and those are the ones that accept it and take this new pathway. The best way to make people like this is to introduce those things to them, and show the responsibility in using these materials.

There are two types of users, which are those who absolutely love the new technologies, and don’t mind sacrificing the design, but also those who are old-fashioned and who respect tradition. The trick is finding the middle ground for both types. After that’s done, the cars can adapt to the users’ wishes.

It’s expected that this approach can lead to bare bones designs, which can be decorated according to users’ wishes. However, it can also lead to the scenarios in which the consumers might want more lasting materials, which is a trend that the designers call ‘Super Analog’.

Since most of the interiors are going to have screens for their focus, many feel that analog things might be needed in order to give people something of interest in the vehicles. They shouldn’t be so cold and technological, which is why some of the interior concepts include all kinds of different ideas. There’s even one with moss and plants inside, and it’s supposed to renew the connection to the earth and the feeling of a life cycle.

On the other hand, there are alternative interiors, especially in East Asia and in the Middle East. They consider the light itself to be the biggest mood adjuster. So, many experiments with the light are being conducted, but also with the smells of the new cars. This is a new era, in which the manipulating of the environment is being conducted on the inside of the vehicles themselves.

And also, there are cars for public transportation, for those who don’t have or want their own vehicles. Since the great number of people go through each of these cars every day, materials that are sterilizable, washable, and antibacterial are being selected and even created for this specific purpose.

Image credit: JCT600