Game of Thrones Next Episodes Script Stolen by Hackers

game of thrones

Fans of Game of Thrones, rejoice or beware, because there have been reports of your favorite show’s network HBO being hacked. Apparently, according to Entertainment Weekly, hackers have claimed to possess 1.5 terabytes of data from the network and have already leaked previously unaired episodes of Room 104 and Ballers.

As of Game of Thrones, everyone’s favorite show did not pass untouched. Hackers have bragged about having the script of the upcoming fourth episode of the seventh season in a mysterious and somewhat weirdly worded email that they sent to various reporters.

In the email, the hackers spoke to the entire mankind and said that the greatest leak of cyberspace era was happening, continuing by revealing it was HBO and Game of Thrones in question. The hackers pointed out that the reporters who got the email were lucky to witness and download the leak first, and kindly told them to enjoy and spread the words further, promising to have an interview with the reporters that manage to spread the words well enough. The email was ended with the dramatic words – “HBO is falling.”

The cyberattack has been confirmed by the network itself in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. The Chair and CEO of HBO, Richard Plepler wrote an email to his employees and told them that this was a problem the world we live in is too familiar with.

Still, HBO hasn’t spoken about just how much of their content has been hacked, but this fits a growing pattern that is happening in Hollywood for some time.

Netflix was hacked back in April, which resulted in several episodes of Orange Is the New Black being leaked online before the time of their planned airing. A group of hackers that call themselves Dark Overlord claimed to be responsible for the hack and said that this wasn’t all they managed to steal from Netflix and that they also have content that is ABC’s and Fox’s. As well as this, in June they leaked eight episodes of Steve Harvey’s Funderdome that didn’t air yet.

Because of the popularity of the show, it isn’t too shocking that the Game of Thrones has been battling attempts of leaking for a while now. Prior to season five premiere, four episodes were leaked in 2015. And in 2015, there was an accidental leak of the season six premiere a day early by HBO Nordic.

With four more episode to go of the season seven of Game of Thrones, we can’t help but wonder if the details of the remaining episodes will manage to stay under wraps until their supposed airing time. We guess that only time will tell.