Google Seeks to Recruit More Hackers to Address Acute Skills Shortage in Australia

Google Seeks to Recruit More Hackers to Address Acute Skills Shortage in Australia

Reports indicate that Google is set to hire more hackers in Australia in a bid to address the acute shortage of skills that the company faces.

Sources privy to the matter indicate that Google has been grappling with the problem of lack of enough people with the right kind of skills that the company needs.

According to Parisa Tabriz, who heads the Google Chrome division, the company has been facing a shortage of people with the right kind of skills that it needs for its operations in Australia and other countries.

‘For us, it is difficult to get people who have the right kind of cyber security skills which they can use to successfully hack into a system, who are ready to work for a big software company and put the skills to use,’ she told ABC News in a recent interview.

Sources indicate that Google is looking for top-notch hackers who possess the right kind of skills and attitude that the company looks for in its employees.

However, observers are of the opinion that the problem that Google is currently facing can be attributed to structural problems in the education sector.

It has been observed that the number of individuals who are taking up IT degrees has drastically dropped over the last few years.

According to Richard Buckland of the University of New South Wales, universities across Australia have been facing an unprecedented demand to produce high-calibre graduates of computer science over the years.

‘The problem is that we are facing a high level of demand for Information Science graduates yet the demand for the course has remained low over the years,’ he added.

But what is likely to be exciting is the manner in which the demand for hackers by Google is likely to affect the national cyber security policies of the Federal Government. Recent reports by the Federal Government indicate that demand for cyber security experts in Australia is expected to rise by at least 20% over the next five years.

Other observers point out that computer scientists will be needed to work in all the industries of the economy in the next few years.

However, the government may face stiff competition from the likes of Google, given that many giant software companies can offer their employees huge salaries and other benefits.

Given the high demand for computer scientists on the one hand and the shortage that the likes of Google and the government are facing on the other, it remains to be seen how Google will manage to hire the best cyber security experts in Australia.