Google Set to Bring its AI Technology to Raspberry Pi

Google Set to Bring its AI Technology to Raspberry Pi

Credible reports indicate that Google is preparing to introduce its AI technology and other proprietary developer tools to Raspberry Pi.

A blog post on the Raspberry Pi website says that the revolutionary company is set to benefit a lot from a planned entry of Google.

‘Google has exciting plans for the Raspberry Pi community starting from 2017,’ the post reads in part.

The post further indicates that Google has been planning to make a grand entry to the Raspberry Pi community for long and that this is the right time for the tech giant to make a move.

It is not clear when and how the planned entry of Google into the Raspberry Pi community is set to take place, given that both companies, Google and Raspberry Pi, have remained silent about the issue.

However, observers point out that it is highly likely that the move is taking place sooner than many expected it to occur.

Google has asked Raspberry Pi users to participate in a survey in which the users are supposed to indicate some of the ways they think that the planned support from Google will be of benefit to them and the entire community.

Users are supposed to indicate the specific tools that they think Google should hand to them as a way of making Raspberry Pi better.

So far, Raspberry has not made any formal announcements about the plans. The company earlier indicated that it did not have anything specific about the deal to make a public announcement. However, many observers are of the opinion that Raspberry has decided to keep quiet while actively commandeering a lot of activities backstage.

Earlier last year, Google opened a developer tree on its Android Open Source Project repository. Developers were allowed a degree of access to specific Google tools that they could use to make the Raspberry Pi more useful.  So far, Google and Raspberry Pi are yet to produce Android for Pi. However, going by the recent developments, it appears that this may not be a far-fetched dream.

Raspberry Pi is one of the leading tiny processors in the market. Its revolutionary product has attracted the attention of leading tech companies as well as rivals. Asus launched a new version of Raspberry Pi earlier last year in a bid to bolster its position in the largely new but highly competitive market.

It remains to be seen how the planned collaboration between Google and Raspberry Pi will work out and how it will affect the performance of the product.