Google to Flag “Offensive” Content

Google’s review teams will begin flagging offensive content as per Google’s instructions. In what many describe as the beginning of the internet censorship via corporate power, Google defines offensive content as anything that may upset a certain user, i.e. “offensive” content which appears in search results.

Google’s review teams are basically private contractors which are also known as quality raters. These guys are already combing through the internet looking for questionable content, let’s say pornography, which ends up flagged so it doesn’t appear in Google’s search results if safe search is enabled.

Now Google will add another category in its quality raters guidelines, the upsetting-offensive category respectively, and from now on, web content that contains offensive terminology and/or racial slurs may be flagged as such in the near future.

Truth be told, flagging something as offensive or whatever doesn’t affect your search results, at least for now, but keep in mind that Google’s algorithms are perpetually changing. However, it’s very probable that the algos will be tweaked by Google in such a way that better content (the content deemed by Google to be better, nota bene) will rank higher.

The new guidelines released by Google are 160 pages long and they make for an interesting look into how the company ranks its search results based on quality, or at least what they perceive as being quality.

Also, revisionism doesn’t rank at all in Google’s ideology, as the aforementioned guidelines released today cite an example holocaust-related. If you’re searching something along the lines of top 10 reasons why the holocaust did not happen, the respective website would get flagged for being upsetting/offensive.

To quote from the guidelines instructions for quality raters:

“flag to all web results that contain upsetting or offensive content from the perspective of users in your locale, even if the result satisfies the user intent.”

Truth be told, Google’s (and others) business model is based on the premise that they own all your data and by extension, they own you hence they can censor, flag and do whatever they want.

To get out of the corporate digital ghetto, you should stop using their services, it’s that simple.

Nothing is free in this world, and in Google’s case, if their services are free to use, it means that you (and your private data) are the merchandise.