Hackers can Breach Systems and Steal Vital Data within a Day: Report

Hackers can Breach Systems and Steal Vital Data within a Day

A report indicates that hackers can infiltrate a system, identify important data and make way with the data within 12 hours.

The recently released report shows that many hackers believe that it is very easy to infiltrate any security system, thanks to the multiple and ever-changing tools that hackers have unfettered access to.

According to the report, compiled by Nuix, a cyber security research firm, hackers are increasingly becoming confident that they can access any security system within the shortest hours, regardless of the level of cyber security defence of the system.

Of you take into consideration the findings of the report that about 88% of the professional hackers who we interviewed are of the opinion that most systems can be breached within 12 hours, you will understand the dire cyber security situation in which we are,’ the authors of the report state.

The Nuix Black Report takes a break from the traditional approach to reporting about cyber security breaches in which researchers have focused on documenting past events.

The report was compiled after Nuix researchers interviewed professional hackers and cyber security testers on the sidelines of the recently concluded DEFCON conference.

Interestingly, the report points out that many hackers change their tactics when they are approaching different targets.

‘The ability of hackers to change tactics when they are attacking various websites is a source of concern for everyone,’ the report further notes.

About 60% of the hackers who were surveyed said that they relied on open source hacking tools to carry out their tasks. It is only a small percentage of the hackers, 10%, who indicated that they prefer going for custom-made hacking tools when they have to breach the cyber security system of any organisation.

It is widely believed that the ability of hackers to use different methods to attack various websites makes it difficult for companies to protect their data and computer systems in general. For long, cyber security experts use traditional methods, the most common one of them being the use of firewalls, to defend against possible cyber attacks.

However, the findings of the report indicate that using firewalls may not be the most effective way of protecting the data that companies keep in their systems.

The report notes that about 43% of the hackers who were interviewed said that they though direct server attack is the best way of accessing company systems.