Hackers Devise a Method of Adding Games on NES Classic

Hackers Devise a Method of Adding Games on NES Classic

Hackers have devised a controversial method of uploading additional games to the NES Classic. According to a conversation taking place on NESClassicMods community on Reddit, the hackers can now successfully force their way into the heart of the device and add new games to exceed the 30 games limit that Nintendo sets for the device.

According to a user of the community who goes by the moniker, ‘Mad Monkey 1907,’ it is relatively easy to hack into the NES Classic and add games from one’s computer using a micro USB cable. However, the hacker goes ahead to say that the entire process is risky and that those who choose to carry it out should be prepared for any eventualities.

‘Keep in mind that you do everything at your risk,’ he posts.

It appears that the risks involved in the process, which may result in the NES Classic getting permanently damaged, arise out of the nature of the steps that the hackers recommend that people should use to add games to the NES Classic.

The hackers suggest that users have to reboot their devices in the ‘FEL’ mode by pressing the reset and power buttons of the device at the same time. It is recommended that this step should be carried out first after a user has created save files in the specific slots of the device and the device is connected to a computer via a micro USB cable.

Also, according to the instructions provided by the hackers, users have to copy all the files of their NES Classic devices to their computers. It is after they have copied the files to their computers that they can successfully modify the files using particular applications to add additional games to the files.

The users then have to re-upload the files to their NES Classic devices using a special process. Once they successfully go through this process, they shall be able to access the new games on their devices without any problem, as the hackers suggest.

What is not clear is how Nintendo will respond to this development in its future models. It is likely that the company will devise new ways of preventing hackers from hacking its devices and adding new games, in contravention of its policies.