Hackers Plant Fake News about Putin and Trump on Hacked BBC and NYT Twitter Accounts

Hackers Plant Fake News about Putin and Trump on Hacked BBC and NYT Twitter Accounts

Hackers have managed to tweet fake news about President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin on the hacked NYT and BBC Twitter accounts, reports indicate.

The hackers, who identify themselves as OurMine, managed to access the accounts of New York Times, @NYT video and BBC Northampton, @BBC Northampton and post fake news about Putin and Trump.

On the hacked NYT account, the hackers posted the following fake news,

‘BREAKING: leaked statement from Vladimir Putin says Russia will attack the United States with missiles.’

@NYT video has a following of more than 250,000 individuals which is much less than the official twitter handle of the newspaper, @NYT.

On the hacked BBC Northampton account, the hackers posted the following message,

‘Breaking news: President Trump is injured in the arm in gunfire.’

@ BBC Northampton has a following of more than 40,000 people.

Immediately the posts appeared, both the BBC and NYT were quick to point out to their followers and the public in general that they had detected abnormal activities on their accounts and that they were working to restore the situation within the shortest time possible.

In a statement, the BBC said that it was taking all the necessary steps to restore the situation.

‘We detected the fake news on our Twitter handle and removed it immediately,’ a spokesperson added.

Interestingly, after the BBC had successfully removed the Tweet from its handle, the hackers managed to repost the tweet and even asked the BBC to contact them for a solution.

The message from the hacking group read that they had detected unusual activity on the site and that they were working hard to fix it.

Similarly, the group posted a message on the NYT Twitter handle saying that they had detected something abnormal on the account and that NYT should reach them in a bid to resolve the issue.

NYT acknowledged the hacking, saying that it had detected the unusual activity on its accounts and had deleted a series of tweets from the account.

‘We detected a series of tweets on this activity earlier, and we have removed the fake posts,’ the company said in a statement.

OurMine is a notorious hacking group that targets celebrities and other leading accounts as a way of promoting their security auditing services. The company usually hacks accounts and then goes ahead to offer the owners help to secure their account the more.