Hackers Pulled A Credit Card Scam By Impersonating A Melbourne High School’s Principal After Stealing School’s Data

Hacker Breaches Russia's Visa Centre in the US, Exposes Data

Another hacker attack that happened recently ended up having much greater consequences, and much larger effect, even outside of the attacked systems. This time, the breach happened in one of the high schools in Melbourne. The attacker or attackers in question have stolen from the school’s database, and the stolen info about the students was posted online shortly after. Also, the hackers used the email addresses from the students’ parents that were also stolen during the attack. They sent them various messages, all the while pretending to be the school’s principal.

The police are working hard on this in cooperation with the Victorian education department. Together, they’re trying to identify the parties responsible for the break in, and theft of Blackburn high school’s students’ data.

The school itself discovered the theft on Friday after it was already stolen, as well as posted to an online website used for file sharing. The data in question contains details related to both current, as well as the school’s past students. The school immediately contacted the police and secured their system.

As we already mentioned, the hackers impersonated the principal and used the stolen emails to contact the students’ parents. One of them reported that the emails asked for the credit card details and that it provided a link that supposedly leads to something that was supposed to look like the school’s website. The parents were told to enter their credit card data into the fake website, and it’s believed that a number of them actually did it, not realizing that it was a scam.

The IT experts were then instructed to locate the information, and do whatever they can to take it down, which they did. The department stated that they share school’s concern when it comes to such unauthorized access to their students’ information. They also spent the entire weekend trying to discover how exactly did the attack occur, and also to support the affected students and their parents.

It was confirmed by the police that the investigation is in progress. The education department also stated that a certain person of interest was called to assist with inquiries. The school itself did not comment anything, and so far refused to talk about the incident. Instead, all requests for information or comments are being passed towards the education department. According to the information received from the MySchool website, the Blackburn high school had ever 1000 students enrolled only in 2016. How many of the students are affected by this incident is not yet known.