Hackers Stole Pirates of the Caribbean 5 – Demand Ransom

Hackers Stole Pirates of the Caribbean 5 - Demand Ransom

Seems like another theft involving unpublished content has occurred, and this time, the target was Disney. It would appear that one or several hackers have managed to break through Disney’s defenses this Monday, and gained access to the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, that has yet to be published. They then stole the content, and now are demanding ransom, or they’ll release the movie prematurely.

The studio’s CEO, Bob Iger, has gathered the employees and told them about the incident in a town hall meeting. According to him, the hackers have threatened that the film will be released in fragments if the ransom is paid in Bitcoins. The film in question wasn’t officially named, but the sources have revealed that it’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

What’s known so far is that Disney has refused the ransom demands, and is currently working with federal investigators in order to deal with the situation. The film itself was the latest addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean series, starring Johnny Depp. It was supposed to be premiered on May 25.

At first, Iger has stated that the hackers have threatened to release the first five minutes of the film. If the ransom is still not paid after that, they’ll proceed to release a 20-minute-long parts of the film. This isn’t the first time this has happened, nor the only incident of this kind in the last month. It would seem that Hollywood has become one of the most common targets for this kind of attacks.

Just last month, a hacker that identified himself as ‘thedarkoverlord’ has uploaded ten episodes of Netflix show called Orange is the New Black. Netflix was offered the same deal as Disney – to pay, or content goes online. Netflix also refused, and the hackers followed through on their threat. Apparently, targeted Hollywood agencies also include ICM, UTA, as well as WME.

One of the biggest attacks was back in 2014 when Sony Pictures was the target. Hackers demanded the cancellation of the comedy called ‘The Interview’. The plot of the comedy revolves around the North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, and an assassination attempt.

This attack on Disney happened just after half the world was held for ransom by an unknown threat that used WannaCry ransomware. This attack made the majority of the British hospitals incapable of performing, and also impacted over 150 other countries. Still, Disney seems like one of the most likely targets for such attacks, as well as Lucasfilm, and Marvel studios.

The fifth instalment of the Pirates will once again deliver us Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, as well as his nemesis Hector Barbossa, played by Geoffrey Rush. They’ll also be followed by Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner, and an undead captain played by Javier Bardem.