Hart Leads the Way in Digital Healthcare Transformation

Hart Leads the Way in Digital Healthcare Transformation

Hart, a new company, is leading the way in the now common digital transformation of the healthcare industry. Hart is among a few new companies that are developing apps that are not only revolutionising the manner in which doctors and patients interact with each other, but also promise to overhaul the manner in which the entire healthcare industry operates.

According to Mo Alkady, the CEO of Hart, the ultimate goal of the company is to make the lives of people easier.

‘People can now use apps to keep all their health records in a digital format,’ he explained.

The CEO emphasised on the ease with which individuals can now use digital apps to store all their medical data safely and access it whenever they need it. A typical example is how people can use the Hart app to record all the medical data of a newborn baby and keep it safely over the life of the individual.

Doctors and other health professionals can then access the health records of the person whenever a need arises.

Interestingly, Hart reports that many people are now changing to using apps to schedule appointments with their doctors and other healthcare professionals. The company notes that individuals who use its app tend to stick to it rather than moving back to the traditional way of relating with their doctors and other healthcare professionals.

These sentiments seem to be echoed by the findings of a recently completed study on how new digital health apps are transforming the relationship between doctors and their patients. In the study, it was found that many patients are moving towards using apps to schedule appointments with their physicians. It was pointed out that more than 91% of patients actively use mobile health apps when interacting with their doctors.

However, the study also indicated that many doctors and other healthcare professionals are still lagging behind in adapting to this new reality.

It appears that the likes of Hart are poised to experience exponential growth by riding on this new trend. Official figures indicate that currently, the Hart app has been used more than 60 million times. The Orange County, CA-based company has been experiencing tremendous growth in the past few months as a result of the record number of new users of its app.

As much as the likes of Hart and other digital apps grow in popularity, there appears that privacy issues concern consumers and other stakeholders. For many, the idea that all their medical records shall be stored in the cloud raises questions of what may happen if a third party accesses the data without their permission.

However, going by what apps like Hart have achieved so far and is set to achieve soon, many people are of the opinion that the apps are poised to continue transforming the healthcare industry for a long time in the future.

Mo, the founder of Hart, is sold to the idea that these new apps will not only help individuals to interact with their doctors faster and better but also help people to be more health conscious that they have been before. These new apps help people to monitor their health on a daily basis and adopt new habits that contribute to improving their overall health status.