HMD Global Set to Re-launch the Nokia 3310 Phone

HMD Global Set to Re-launch the Nokia 3310 Phone

HMD Global, the new company that now owns the Nokia brand name, is set to relaunch one of the most iconic Nokia phones ever, the Nokia 3310.

According to sources, HMD global is set to resurrect one of the most celebrated GSM phone brands in response to the growing need for a revival of the old phones that could withstand almost anything and in a bid to play with the sentiments of the market.

Launched in the early 200s, Nokia 3310 was one of the most advanced and revolutionary brands of mobile phones at the time. Several things made the phone revolutionary at the time. First, it was the only phone at the time that did not have an antennae and this was a big step in the right direction at the time.

The phone also had a slick design that had nicely curved sides. This was revolutionary at the time, given that many feature phones that were on the market at the time had sharp block-like designs.

Observers point out that the decision by HMD Global to resurrect this old phone brand is to appeal to the growing market for old phones that excel in the basics that people used to look for when buying phones: durability and battery life.

Whereas smartphones are highly advanced in terms of performance, display and internet connectivity, they fail when one considers how durable they are.

Designers of the smartphones that are now ubiquitous are yet to develop a type of battery that can allow users to use the phones for a long time without having to recharge it very often.

Besides, smartphones are highly durable and have relatively short life spans, when compared to the earlier feature phones or even the bare bones that came before the feature phones.

Reports indicate that HMD plans to sell the Nokia 3310 at about €60.

It is expected that many former enthusiasts of the Nokia brand will fall for this offer for sentimental reasons. Besides, it is expected that many new consumers will fall for this offer, given the growing need for people to own one of these old brands of phones that can allow them to do the basics of communications: making phone calls and sending messages.

HMD is also planning to launch a series of Nokia smartphones over the coming months. The company has announced that its Nokia smartphone version will be available in China later in 2017.