HMD Ships the First Nokia Smartphones to China

HMD Ships the First Nokia Smartphones to China

HMD, a new Finnish company that recently acquired the licensing rights to the Nokia brand name, is set to launch the first Nokia smartphones in China, it has been said.

According to the CEO of HMD, Arto Nummela, the new smartphone, dubbed the Nokia 6, will offer users a wide range of top-range features that are reminiscent of the once famed Nokia phones.

‘We have taken some time to listen to our customer and, as a result, we have incorporated in the Nokia 6 the features that we feel our clients need most,’ he said.

HMD is a creation of some of the former employees of Nokia. The new company’s avowed mission is to bring back the Nokia experience to customers. A while ago, the company acquired the licensing rights to the Nokia brand name from Microsoft. The company then developed two feature phone bearing the Nokia brand name and logo and launched them in China.

It also appears that HMD is focused on growing its portfolio of the new Nokia smartphones as fast as possible.

‘We seek to develop revolutionary smartphones for our customers over the next few months,’ Nummela added.

But what may be of great interest to observers is why the company chose China as the market for its flagship products. It has been reported that the attractiveness of the Chinese market lies in its numbers, with three out of every five device makers, targeting the market.

HMD has also indicated that its interest in China stems out of the realisation that the Chinese market can help it realise its strategic objectives in the short term.

Observers and market analysts will be keen to watch how this new company that is armed with a renowned brand name will navigate the highly competitive Chinese market over the next few years.