Humor Is Served – Jim Beam Announces Release of Smart Bourbon Decanter

Humor Is Served – Jim Beam Announces Release of Smart Bourbon Decanter

Today, November 30, bourbon producer and distributor Jim Beam has announced its latest product, and it isn’t what you would expect. The firm has built a unique invention – a decanter that works using voice activation technology, dispensing their trademark bourbon with a side of sassiness and good humor. The device is named JIM. Upon a vocal request, it’ll pour a glass of bourbon for you and respond to a series of questions in style.

JIM is the first A.I. (short for artificial intelligence) alcohol dispenser in the world. Equipped with a special storage unit for the bourbon, it is very similar in technological abilities to Amazon’s 2017 release Alexa.

JIM’s voice is Fred Noe, his choice as vocal actor being a smart marketing move for the brand. Mr. Noe is Jim Beam’s current master distiller, the 7th in a generational line of such craftsmen. In Noe’s voice, JIM can’t do what other such A.I.s can. It won’t go online to tell you what the weather is going to be like, it won’t get you an Uber, it won’t read back your schedule to you or add items to your shopping list. It will, however, tell its owner that they may take their bourbon “any damn way [you] please”.

In the teaser video for the product, if you JIM about the weather, he’ll tell you that he has no idea what it’s going to be like, but that he does know it’s perfect for a glass of bourbon.

In an earlier statement discussing their new product, Jim Beam stated that JIM is different from your run-of-the-mill smart device, in that it does more than just respond to the most pressing existential questions, it also allows legal drinkers to enjoy a glass of good bourbon while simultaneously enjoying their couch.

The device is understandably in limited stock. It can be purchased on the company’s website for $34.90, the equivalent of £25.91. Its arrival date is set before December 15. At the time of this article, no more items are available for sale.

Distiller Fred Noe stated that Jim Beam is dedicated to creating a unique consumer experience for bourbon lovers, exemplifying by mentioning how they have evolved from their trademark simple decanters to a smart, A.I. version that revolutionizes the experience.

It is necessary to note that JIM uses built-in 3G technology that has a 6-month life after being turned on, after which the A.I. decanter turns into a regular one.

This is not the first instance of marketing fun, smart products on Jim Beam’s part. In 2016, the firm revealed their own Apple Watch – a watch with a strap made of green tweed that had a built-in glass, collapsing on demand for pouring yourself a shot.

Understandably, JIM has determined social media users to make some really funny comments.