IBM to Build and Sell a Universal 50 – Qubit Computer in the Next Few Years

IBM to Build and Sell a Universal 50 – Qubit Computer in the Next Few Years

IBM has announced that its ambitious program of building a truly universal 50-qubit quantum computer is well on course.

The company has further said that it is expecting to present to the market a commercially-ready universal quantum computer in the next few years.

This is good news for developers, researchers and all those who are interested in quantum computing, given the flurry of activities that have been taking place in the IBM research labs lately.

A few years ago, IBM announced that it expected to build the first commercial quantum computer over a few decades.

However, it appears that the company has drastically revised its plan and cut down on unnecessary delays on the project to the extent that it is now expecting to launch a commercial version of its quantum computer in the next few years.

Dubbed the IBM Q, the yet-to-be- unveiled quantum computer is expected to have all the basic functionalities of a quantum computer, which are drastically different from those of the classical computers that are now in use.

It is expected that the new computer will present a combination of the various capabilities of the company.

‘While developing the new quantum computer, IBM will leverage its deep knowledge of software and hardware to perfect it,’ the company said in a statement.

IBM has been on the forefront in the process of developing quantum computing. For years, the company has been offering developers and researchers access to its supercomputers via a platform that allows the researchers to add a few technical details to the highly sophisticated system.

Recently, the company revealed a new API for its quantum cloud computing service that allows researchers to suggest various features that can be added to the system to make it more useful than it already is.

The addition of the new API was regarded as one of the most important steps that the company has taken towards the development and commercialization of quantum computing so far.

The company also announced that it was set to unveil a new Software Development Kit to allow developers suggest various ways in which the new quantum computer could be used.

Details about the specifications, performance and even pricing of the new IBMQ are yet to be made public. However, it is widely believed that the new supercomputer will retail at about $15 million, a price similar to the D-Wave, another common quantum computer.