Instagram Introduces New Features – ‘Two-Step’ Verification And Blurring Out Sensitive Content

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From now on, any blurred image on Instagram will require a click or a tap in order to view what’s underneath it. This is seen as a step towards warning users of possible offensive nature of the image.

Up until now, media that was seen as inappropriate was being pulled down completely from this social network, but it would seem that Instagram came up with new ways to deal with such content. Scenes of sex or violence that were forbidden on this social network will now be blurred out.

This category will include posts that other users have marked as offensive. Content that doesn’t necessarily needs to be pulled down, but still might not be fit for everyone to see.

This approach could be seen as the middle ground between those who might be offended by some posts and those who enjoy posting such content.

Another handy and desirable feature that can be expected as a part of an update is the two-factor authentication method. Its introduction could become a big help when it comes to preventing unauthorized access to accounts.

Enabling this feature is simple, all you have to do is tap on the gear icon on your profile page, and then tap on ‘Two-Factor Authentication’, and then choosing ‘Require Security Code’ option. The two-factor authentication will be invoked, and a security code will be sent to the account’s registered phone number each time someone tries to log in. The feature is now open to all users.

Entering the security code with every log-in might be seen as an annoying measure, but this method of protection has proved to be quite useful in preventing hacking, and many of the big-name companies have already adopted it, including Facebook, Twitter, and even Microsoft itself.